About Us

Duo is about people who think “outside the box” instinctively. We’re doers, makers, and thinkers that use computers, data, social media, and creative strategies to help you and your business create things that make a difference to your client, customer, or patient.

Our Vision
We believe in the simple, not the complex.
Be Clear
Know your brand values.
Make sure others know them too.
Simplify your message.
Be really clear.
Be Present
Being engaged in the conversation
has never been so important.
Talk with them,
not at them.
Be Remembered
Capture their attention,
then give more value than you take.
People won’t remember what you say,
only how you make them feel.
How we work.
To us, marketing is about values. We live in a such noisy world where we have very little time, as a business, to be seen or even remembered. Your marketing efforts need to be very clear on what you want them to know about your business. This is why your business’s core values are so important.

Clients are partners.

While we share our knowledge and experience, we also listen hard to understand your business.
Nothing that we do is really about us. It’s about you, your brand, and your customers.
A simple process that focuses on innovation.

Our Inner Circle


Lance Lyons

President + CEO

After attending Utah State University, Lance quickly became a highly regarded businessman. After founding Inovar, the #1 electronic manufacturing service provider in the Rocky Mountain Region, Lance sold Inovar to focus on his passion for helping businesses grow through marketing and design. With over 20+ years of experience, his process-driven approach to developing rich customer experiences helps our clients get into the market more effectively. For the last 15 years, he has been focused in the marketing and sales industry, helping companies overcome hurdles and grow into successful and profitable organizations.

Marcie Lyons

CFO + Controller

Marcie graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Public Health. After founding Inovar, the #1 electronic manufacturing service provider in the Rocky Mountain Region, she joined in the mission to help other businesses grow and develop. Marcie oversees all business and financial operations at Duo. Her expertise in public health and 20+ years of experience has helped us develop many successful strategies and ad campaigns for our healthcare clients.

Andrew Clark


Andrew has been working in the field of digital marketing and video production for 11 years. Andrew graduated with a degree in Digital Marketing. With his creative eye and understanding of what leads someone to experience and share a marketing campaign, he oversees all marketing efforts here at Duo. Under Andrew’s leadership and vision, Duo has developed marketing and technological innovations that have enhanced how Duo creates marketing campaigns and partners with its clients.

Caitlin Willes

Director of Digital Advertising + Account Manager + Copywriter

Caitlin has been working in the field of digital marketing for 5 years. From the beginning of her time spent at Duo Marketing Group, she found that she gravitated towards the ads side of digital communications. Something that sets Caitlin apart from others that work in her field, is her ambition to continue learning. She understands that digital marketing is always changing so there’s a need for continued education, each day. She also loves working with her clients, ensuring that she is efficiently meeting and exceeding every expectation.

Dustin Olsen

Head Web Developer

Dustin graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in Web Design & Development. He focused his studies around SEO, web business, and graphic design. He is a WordPress Guru and has built countless websites and landing pages for small businesses and large medical practices. With over 10 years of development experience, he is a vital part of the Duo Circle.

Taylor High

Social Media Strategist + Account Manager + Copywriter

Taylor has a natural ability to understand trends and what the consumer wants to interact with on social media. She is great at developing relationships with our clients and has assisted in the forming and strengthening of their own customer/industry relationships. Taylor graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Communications, emphasis in Public Relations, and a minor in Marketing. She is skilled in campaign organization, social media strategy, Facebook Business Manager, and digital crisis management.

Ben Croft

Google Ads & SEO Specialist + Account Manager

Ben started his career building marketing platforms from scratch for startups and making a name for himself through facilitating consistent triple-digit growth for the businesses he partnered with. Over his 5 year career, he has held almost every position imaginable in the digital marketing field from Marketing Manager to Advertising Specialist, and everything in between. He now applies this experience to Duo, providing efficient and effective marketing solutions for our clients. He understands that in order to consistently provide the best marketing work possible, he must continue to push the limits of what he can accomplish.

Becca Dye


Becca is our head Graphic Designer and Hand-Lettering specialist. Becca has always been a creative person with a great understanding of strategic design. After Snow College, Becca was accepted into the Graphic Design program at USU where she completed her degree. She is an Adobe Creative Cloud suite specialist with an extensive background in typography research, brand identity, packaging design, editorial layouts, and more.

Dan Lott


Dan is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Visual Communication from Utah Valley University, he has recently completed certifications in Information Technology. Dan has completed projects ranging from game design, UX and web design, digital archiving, screen printing and t-shirt design, to a large portfolio of marketing materials for schools, businesses, and large healthcare organizations.

Matt Neuenswander

Head Vidographer + Drone Pilot

Matt is an experienced video producer with a passion for filmmaking. He has been working professionally in video production and photography for almost a decade. He is a licensed drone pilot that understands the best angles, lenses, and gear to use to make every shot feel like a movie. His experience has led him to create videos and video advertisements for hospitals, realtors, e-commerce, and everything in between.

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